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Getting Started

Before I start blogging, I have to say some "shout outs" to a few special people.


My wife Annette gets all the credit for the many blessings I enjoy in my life every day. 

Mike and Colleen Casey have been my friends for about 30 years, and they continue to mean as much to my family and me as they ever have. 

I've known Darrell and Maggan Walstad almost as long as I've known Annette. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have been very supportive of the idea of me starting my own firm, and I am ever grateful for their advice, encouragement, and support.

I've been overwhelmed with the good wishes of friends and family. Hundreds of you have taken the time to say kind things. Thank you, all.

Now a little something about this blogging thing...

From time to time I will be writing posts, and I hope you find them useful or interesting. I hope to avoid traditional real estate blogs ("10 Reasons to Use a Realtor to Sell Your Home" - "Choosing a Lender" - "Market Trends for 2016"). That kind of stuff is useful, and ubiquitous. If you want my market expertise, we need to meet in person, don't you think? I want my blog to be a place for folks to learn a little more about this great city we live in, and the cool people who make it so great. So I will talk about cool stuff going on and people or places you might enjoy getting to know. And if by doing that you get to know ME a little better, great. Not because I have a horn to toot, but if I want your business as a real estate professional, you have to CHOOSE me. And you should know me well enough to make an informed choice.

It should not be a surprise to hear me say it: I want to help you buy and sell real estate. So if you are even thinking about it, please call me and we can talk it over.


Billy Elliot at Grandstreet Theatre


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Sunday, 27 November 2022
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